Blackmagic Design OpenGear Converter SDI to HDMI, Car SD/Hd Switching


Blackmagic Design OpenGear Converter SDI to HDMI, Automobile SD/Hd Switching

Open Architecture Converters! The Blackmagic Style OpenGear Converter SDI to HDMI converts from SDI to HDMI online video out with embedded HDMI audio. Picture making use of large screen TVs and movie projectors as broadcast video clip displays! Now it’s incredibly effortless to hook up a huge range of HDMI shows to SDI primarily based gear! OpenGear Converter Designs: SDI to Analog – Converts SDI to part/s-movie/composite and AES/EBU or analog audio. Analog to SDI – Converts part/s-online video/composite and AES/EBU or analog audio to SDI. SDI to HDMI – Converts SDI to HDMI online video and audio. HDMI to SDI – Converts HDMI video and audio to SDI. SDI to Audio – De-Embeds from SDI to 4 ch analog or eight ch of AES/EBU audio. Audio to SDI – Embeds 4 ch analog or eight ch AES/EBU audio to SDI. Consists of sample charge converters. Optical Fiber – Converts SDI to optical fiber SDI and optical fiber SDI to SDI. Bi-directional. UpDownCross – Convert between multiple SD and Hd video expectations with higher quality up, down and cross conversion. Sync Generator – Outputs 10 black burst or tri-sync reference outputs. SDI Distribution – Distributes High definition signal to many gadgets at once. Television set industry’s open up normal for rack dependent conversion! The new Blackmagic OpenGear Converters give you a wonderful variety of conversion, all packed with the most current online video technologies at an affordable cost! Get the freedom and value financial savings of an open normal combined with centralized community manage and checking employing the OpenGear DashBoard software on Windows , Mac OS X and Linux ! OpenGear was invented by Ross Video as an open common for rack mount converters and processing for television broadcasters. OpenGear utilizes a 2 rack device rack frame that normally retains up to 10 plug in cards or, when employing easier cards, a double density body can be utilised to keep up to 20 cards. Several manufacturers produce OpenGear playing cards and frames that can be mixed and matched. OpenGear provides clients the independence to create their facilitie

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