Hd Eyesight Eyeglasses for Tv & Laptop As Seen on Tv set NEW

HD Vision Glasses for TV & Computer As Seen on TV NEW

  • These are the regular style suitable for wearing without other glasses!
  • Specially designed glasses for watching TV, playing Video Games, or working on the computer!
  • The tinted lenses cut out the harmful rays emitting from your TV or Computer
  • HD technology enhances color and contrast and makes everything you see look crisper, brighter, and more vibrant!
  • Two pairs of HD Vision Glasses, Two clips that can be mounted anywhere with a self adhesive for conveniently storing the glasses! Two nice soft leatherette carrying cases! And a soft cleaning cloth.
You Get Two Pairs Plus Bonuses! BRAND NEW! HD Vision Computer / TV Glasses plus TWO Bonus Visor Clips Plus Two soft leatherette Carrying Cases! Plus a soft lens cleaning cloth!

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 9.98